Welcome to the analogue project

analogue is an R package for analysing palaeoecological data. analogue was started by Gavin Simpson to bring together functions written for various research projects and his Ph.D thesis. Recently, Jari Oksanen joined the development team.

analogue is free and open-source, released under version 2 of the GNU GPL.

The main features of the current version of analogue are:

  • Palaeoecological transfer functions:
    • Modern Analogue Technique (MAT)
    • Weighted Averaging (WA)
      • Tolerance down-weighting
      • Classical and inverse deshrinking, plus others
    • Transfer function evaluation:
      • Bootstrap, k-fold, leave-one-out cross validation
      • Analogue statistics
  • Analogue matching
  • Dissimilarity coefficients, including:
    • Chord distance
    • Bray-Curtis distance
    • Gower's General (dis)similarity
    • Manhattan metric
    • ...and many more
  • Methods to select dissimilaity decision thresholds:
    • Receiver Operator Characteristic (ROC) curves
    • Monte Carlo resampling
    • Logistic regression modelling
  • Utilities:
    • Merge data sets
    • Apply common data transformations

Plenty more features are planned for future versions.