Version 0.6-22 uploaded to CRAN

7 Nov 2009

A new version of analogue was pushed to CRAN a few days ago. This release was precipitated by the release of R 2.10.0, and features the following key additions and fixes:

  • WA models can now make full use of tolerance down-weighting, including cross validation, and all WA models benefit from key computations being conducted in faster C code;
  • tran—now has a formula method and includes new transformations; power, 4th root and log-ratio transformations. tran() now also provides row (sample) centring;
  • roc—For large problems the calculation of AUC and its standard error could overflow the largest number R currently handles. roc() now has two new arguments, 'thin' and 'max.len', which allow the number of points on the ROC curve to be thinned to a smaller number, which should allow the computations to be performed;
  • Stratiplot—can now reverse the y-axis limits and has option to sort the variables plotted according to their weight average for the 'y' variable (to emphasis compositional change in 'y') or a further supplied variable;
  • join—the value used to replace NAs can now be set by the user, and the inner and left joins as well as the default outer join.

See the ChangeLog for more details.

analogue News

Version 0.6-8 uploaded to CRAN

7 May 2009

A new version of analogue was released in order to fix a problem with the CITATION on CRAN. Several additional new functions and methods were included in this release as a result:

  • residLen—new function to compute the squared residual length diagnostic for passive samples in a constrained ordination. Includes several plotting routines for both base Lattice graphics.
  • stdError—computes the weighted standard deviation of the predicted values over the k-closest analogues. This measure has been proposed as an uncertainty measure for MAT model predictions. Methods provided for mat and predict.mat.
  • predict.mat now returns the dissimilarity matrix between training set and new samples.
  • getK—new method for predict.mat.

See the ChangeLog for more details.

Version 0.6-6 uploaded to CRAN

10 March 2009

A new version of analogue has been uploaded to CRAN. It contains lots of new functionality and fixes, especially to the ROC curve functions. See the ChangeLog for details of the fixes and improvements. For version 0.7-0 I hope to tidy the package and help up a bit, add extra documentation and vignettes, and add a proper NEWS file.